Charts for the Week of August 5, 2013 – $GLD, $HTZ, $TDC, $BAC, $MU


HTZ – Long | SMA Support | Bullish Candles | Regression Channel

– Stock fell below lower channel of the regression channel. Look for a steep rise to get back into channel. – Found strong support at 100 day SMA. – Bullish candles with long lower shadows – Fisher also looks like it’s about to turnover – First support at 100 day SMA – Second support at $22.50 – Price target of $28.31


BAC – Bullish Flag | Cup & Handle | Breakout Play


– Bullish Cup and Handle Forming – First Support around 14.45 – Second Support around 13.90 – Buy on breakout above 14.97 level – Price target at 16.35 – Ride the trend till the trend tells you different Feel free to comment, agree/disagree, or just go on a rant =P -Matt


GLD – Short | Failed Fibonacci | Crossover Fisher/MACD


Looking for a continuation of bearish trend in gold after failure to break above .236 Fibonacci. Tight Stop at 128.56 Target Price of 115 Bearish Fisher and MACD crossovers


MU – Long | Bullish Consolidation | Fib Support | Fisher/MACD |


Bullish Consolidation Wedge. Buy on Breakout with tight stop at 13.30 or loose stop at 12.50. Price Target of 14.64. Bullish Fisher Crossover. Small Bullish divergence on Fisher as well. Bullish MACD Crossover. RSI found support level. Feel free to comment, agree/disagree, or just go on a rant =)


TDC – Long  | Triple SMA Crossover | Bullish Divergence | Falling Wedge

Original_14886980  – Look for a strong potential move to the upside due to pretty strong divergence since Nov 2012 – SMA(21, 50,100) crossover confirmed a bullish trend with the stock seeming to have found a higher bottom. – SMA(200) and $60 price level will act as strong resistance. – Stock broke out of falling wedge pattern that’s been forming since July 2012 – A safer way to play this stock would be to wait for confirmation by having the stock reach a higher low above this level. Let me know if you agree/disagree or just feel like going on a rant =)

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